Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The book for the month of June was 1776.  Lauren always picks such good books - and her apple crisp was super tasty!  (Lauren, we need that recipe!)  For those of you who couldn't make it I am sorry.  You missed out.  

I am still working on reading this book, but those who read it seemed to like it.  Aubrey brought an awesome version of the book with pictures, notes, maps, etc.  It was super neat!

Here is a list of questions Lauren had for us to discuss:

1. Did you like the book? If yes, why? If no, why not?
2. Did this book alter your opinion of George Washington? What about King George III? 
3. Why do you think that McCullough chooses to begin 1776 with King George III of England? 
How does this set the tone for the historical events about to unfold? 
4. What qualities made General George Washington a successful leader? Do you think that there was 
anything in particular about Washington that enabled him to turn a lost cause into a victory? 
5. Do you think the war could have been won if George Washington had not led the Colonies? 
6. There was a lot of regional prejudice in the Continental Army. Are any of those feelings still 
with us today? 
7. What was the effect of the Declaration of Independence on the army? 
8. Were you surprised by anything that you learned from this book? 
9. Does this book relate in any way to the current state of the world and the United States? 
10. Did the untrained, impromptu existence of the Colonial army give it any advantages over the 
British? What kind of insight into the military experience do the wealth of letters and other first 
hand sources cited by McCullough provide? 
11. Do you think the men and women of our generation could have fought the way the colonists 
did during the revolution? 
12. What kind of men were Nathanael Green and Henry Knox? What was their role in the success 
of the military? Why do you think Washington depended on these two untrained men above 
others and despite his distaste for New Englanders?
13. How did you find the pace of the book? Did McCullough’s method of having events unfold 
make you feel you were living in 1776? 
14. What do you think might have happened if England had retained the Colonies? 
15. Are there any questions you would like to ask?

(Some questions taken or adapted from the Madison Public Library, Madison WI: 

My favorite question Lauren asked was: "Do you think that we still would have gone to war if they didn't go to war back then?"  

What do you think?

We are looking forward to Lost December by Richard Paul Evans at Angie's House.  Book club will be Wednesday, August 26.  Don't miss it!

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