Book Review Sites

Are you looking something new to read, but are afraid of what you might encounter in the book?  Fret no more!  These sites can help.

Book Ratings and Reviews
  1. Compass Book Ratings: Overall rating plus content ratings for profanity/language, violence/gore, sex/nudity 
  2. Rated Reads: Ratings let you know whether the content is none, mild, moderate, high, or DIRT.
  3. Common Sense Media: Thorough rating system for content to help parents choose quality books for their children.  Content rating system includes: educational value, positive messages, positive role models, violence, sex, language, consumerism, drinking drugs and smoking. 
  4. The Literate Mother: Great rating system for language, violence, sexual content, and adult themes. There is also a thorough rating explanation which is helpful to discern where their content ratings come from. 
(Thanks Crissi for the info!)

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