Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peter and the Starcatchers

For the month of March we read Peter and the Starcatchers.  I don't know how you ladies do it, but you always end up assigning books that I fall in love with.

This book had adventure, magic, and mystery.  It was fun trying to figure out how it all connected to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

As I walked into Laura's house she had Disney's Peter Pan playing.  (She's obviously a girl after my own heart when it comes to anything Disney.)

Things we talked about:

We discussed the characters.  I especially liked when Laura asked which villain we'd rather work for.  Personally, I'd choose Slank over Stache any day.  Stache just sounded all-around gross.  Your thoughts?

We talked about how everything connected to Peter Pan.  While some guessed Mr. Grin was in the "cage" others were completely surprised.  Is starstuff pixie dust?  Does pixie dust really require happy thoughts?  Did you like how intelligent the Indian Chief (his name escapes me at the moment) was?

I got a chuckle out of Shirley's revulsion to the ship conditions.  Anyone else?

Is anyone else going to read all of the books?  They are already on my to-read list.

Thanks Laura for a wonderful book, lively discussion, and delicious treats.  (You must share the recipe for those melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies!)  

Leave your comments about the book or the discussion.  I know I'm missing tons of other things we talked about.

Next month's book is Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody @ Sarah Tadje's house.  Don't miss it!

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